Merchant Processing

Global Payroll Gateway Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Global & Domestic Merchant Processing

Global Payroll Gateway offers one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to process credit cards. Our payment gateway works with most existing merchant accounts and supports multiple forms of payments.

GPG’s custom platform is a secure and modern portal, designed to simplify payment processing. Our special features include:

Tokenization, which meets PCI requirements and is the perfect way to keep your customers’ card information safe.

Account Updater that automatically updates card records for renewals without reaching out to the account holder for updated card information.

Dynamic Descriptors that allows customers to submit a unique merchant descriptor, plus a toll-free support number with each transaction.

Additionally, our merchant processing portal allows users to

  • Manage and review transactions in real time
  • Configure account settings
  • View account statements
  • Download reports and retrieve details of processed transactions for reporting and reconciliation
  • Set up multiple user accounts with permissions to control account access

We help you create additional savings with:

  • Allowing multiple merchant accounts
  • Load balancing across all merchant accounts
  • Rates as LOW AS 1.99%
  • Fraud and risk monitoring for merchant accounts
  • International merchant accounts
  • Dynamic descriptors
  • Account updater
  • Tokenization
  • Real time reporting
  • API Integration
  • Expert account managers