Fraud Protection

Global Payroll Gateway Has Your Business Protected

Fraud Prevention is critical. GPG has partnered with Kount and built tools that we give our customers to install on their websites. With these tools, we can detect malicious users by:

  • Being on the Device of the user
  • Detecting the use of proxy servers (the only way to truly know = be on the device)
  • Enforcing rules based on the true geography of the user and the geography of the credit card issuer

Friendly fraud represents most of the chargebacks from online sales. GPG Fraud Screening helps you stop friendly fraud by:

  • Limiting the number of different people using the same credit card
  • Velocity checks on items and amounts
  • Specialized AVS screening
  • Specialized CVV screening
  • The use of 3D Secure, aka Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code
  • Identifying, managing, and preventing suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions with customizable rules
  • Analyzing hundreds of relevant variables and activity across the globe in real-time, providing the most accurate fraud protection
  • Applying a multitude of patented and proven technologies based on the specific needs of each customer, minimizing fraud loss and the need for manual review of orders
  • Reducing chargebacks by 98% and lowering more fraud losses than ever before