Chargeback Management

Global Payroll Gateway

Global Payroll Gateway’s Chargeback Management Is A Time And Money Saver

GPG provides chargebacks on GPG merchant accounts digitally in the GPG Client Dashboard. We get chargeback data to you within 24 to 48 hours online instead of up to 10 days later on the fax machine. What’s even better is that you give us the info and we will fight the chargebacks for you. Our process reduces the time-consuming chore of handling chargebacks via hard copy as they are represented electronically and in one central location.

The GPG platform equips your business with the benefits of:

  • Reducing Chargebacks
  • Freeing staff of lengthy chargeback management as chargebacks and retrievals are handled by the GPG Chargeback team
  • Utilize Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code (3D Secure) to dramatically reduce chargebacks.
  • Online management system. Chargebacks are posted electronically for a quicker response.
  • The GPG Platform automatically locates any Payout account related to the Chargeback and closes the Payout account to stop affiliate or sales rep fraud – this is one of the big benefits of having a Platform like GPG