Commission Payout

Take the Headache Out of Commission Payout with Global Payroll Gateway

Problems with Commission Payouts can be hinder sales and hurt revenue. The Commission Payout process at Global Payroll Gateway takes the pain out of global payouts. Transfer funds quickly and securely to banks worldwide in over 65 countries. Global Payroll Gateway can also send payouts to any VISA or MasterCard in the world! Issuing customized cards, virtual cards for downline support and recycling commissions are a snap with Global Payroll Gateway.

The Commission Payout Program at Global Payroll Gateway offers:

  • Commission Payouts to banks in 65+ countries
  • Payouts to any Visa or MasterCard
  • Ability to issue branded paycards
  • Ability to create virtual cards, to support downlines
  • Recycle Commissions for Internal purchases & Auto-Ship
  • Our unique Fund On-the-Fly where funds stay with the company. You only need to supply payment when commissions are requested.
  • Gathering of SSN for yearly 1099
  • Automatic enrollment of new Distributors in the platform
  • Secure, fast & compliant worldwide